Real Estate Development And Aquisitions

At Mad Max we are always looking for opportunities to grow our company and increase our foot print across Wisconsin.. We will accomplish our growth with help from people like you in three distinct areas. Purchasing of land and or properties in which we can build a new Mad Max location on. Purchase of an existing location, locations, groups of stores or companies that are looking to sell, retire, or divest. Investment companies, investment groups, or single investors looking to do Sale Lease Backs with Mad Max. Below are the three different ways you can be part of Mad Max's growth. 

land for sale sign.png

Properties and Land for purchase

If you have land for sale, property or properties that you are looking to sell and you think a Mad Max location would be great on it, Click below to learn more.on what we look for in land and properties. Do You have something we can use?

gas station for sale.jpg

Selling your location to Us

Getting ready to retire, want out of the business, think you may have a location, two, or several you want to sell off, We may be interested to discuss your locations with you. Click below to learn more.

construction picture 6.jpg

Investing through sale leaseback

We are always looking to grow and through Sale Leasebacks, this is a way for you the investor to not only get a great return but help us grow in the process. Click below to learn more on how you can become an investor in Mad Max.