Price Book Manager Saukville WI


Compensation - Salaried $35,000 - $45,000

Benefits Offered - Vision, Medical, Dental Insurance, and Team Member Discounts

Employment Type - Full Time

Job Description

This person is responsible for all price book related items as well as point of sale systems. They must have full knowledge of all POS systems which the company uses, pricing of all products that are sold within the company, understand margins and mark up, have a good working relationship with all vendors for pricing and to understand what item comes from what vendor or manufacturer, implement all company promotions within the POS system and back office, keep track of all current promotions to ensure that all items in that promotion are working correctly at the store level, know how to invoice our locations from our central warehouse, help with the install of our back office software at any new location or to help with an existing location trouble shoot issues, work with our maintenance department when new stores come on line to ensure that the back office and POS system is working properly. Must be very organized and have great communication skills. Needs to know Excel, Word, Quickbooks Pro, Adobe Acrobat, and be able to learn our companies back office software program