Maintenance Technician

Maintenance Technician - Saukville WI

Compensation - $35,100 to 40,000 starting depending on experience

Benefits Offered

  • Medical/vision, dental and life insurance plans
  • Paid holidays.
  • Vacation and personal days.
  • Sick leave.
  • Team Member Discounts

Employment Type - Full Time Salaried Position

Job Description

Maintenance Technician Job Summary

We are currently seeking a full-time Maintenance Technician to oversee our gas station and convenience stores located throughout Eastern Wisconsin. Base of operations will originate at our corporate office in Saukville Wisconsin. The Maintenance Technician will perform routine maintenance duties to include; painting, changing of light bulbs, repairing minor fuel dispenser parts. Replacing fuel nozzles, fuel hoses, fuel break a ways, CRND printers, keyboards, fuel filters and other minor fuel related parts. Replace HVAC filters.  Able to replaces toilets and toilet tank parts. Be able to caulk well, do minor drywall repairs when needed. Replace broken or damaged floor or wall titles from time to time and be able to grout and seal tiles as well. Able to replace a simple faucet, faucet handle, sink or water filters. Landscaping, trimming, weed spraying, and simple driveway and park lot repairs skills are also needed. Will need to be able to use ladders and is not afraid of heights as canopy lamps may need to be changed from time to time or cleaned. Needs to know basic mechanics inside and outside of a building to help replace, repair, or supervise contractors when the job needs a specialist on site.  Must be able to lift 100 lbs. Must be a self starter. Must be organized as this person will be required to plan their own schedules according to what is happening each week and month. Must be able to work and communicate well with others. Must have a valid driver’s license and pass a back ground check. Company vehicle and tools are provided.

About Mad Max Convenience Stores

We have been around since 2000 in the gas station and convenience store industry. We currently have 11 locations which are located throughout Eastern Wisconsin. We also have a full sit down restaurant and coffee shop.

Job Responsibilities include but not limited too

  • Training new team members on how to properly dispense propane, open and close propane fill station
  • Training new team members to become Class C certified in handling fuel spills on site
  • Maintaining a regular schedule for replacing HVAC filters, water filters, batteries and fuel filters
  • Maintaining company tools, maintenance equipment, lawn equipment and spreaders so that they are in good working condition throughout the year
  • Perform simple electrical, heating, and plumbing repairs throughout all locations
  • Perform and maintain all areas that need caulking or sealants
  • Painting inside and outside of building
  • Basic roofing skills such as tarring stack pipes, vents and patching if needed
  • Able to use a power washer for cleaning walls, parking lots, and canopy’s
  • Must be able to run cat 5 and security cables for CCTV systems
  • Must be able to replace CCTV Cameras and know how the CCTV systems work
  • Will train new managers on the use of CCTV system
  • Minor repairs to Fuel Dispensers and UST system when needed
  • Oversee and learn what contractors are doing when a major repair occurs so that the system or part is better understood for future repairs
  • Will learn the components of the POS systems used at all locations and be able to replace simple parts when a site or part goes down.
  • Perform weekly inspections of petroleum and propane systems
  • Complete daily and weekly reports and paperwork
  • Basis HVAC knowledge
  • Basic plumbing such as changing out faucets, re-piping, replacing toilets, replacing sinks and unclogging drains
  • Carpentry background to include, installation of doors to include interior and exterior cabinets, subfloors, countertops, installing shelves, hooks, or closet rods
  • Perform maintenance work at different locations as required
  • Available to respond to emergency calls when on-call after hours by phone or if necessary in person
  • Basic knowledge of computers and Microsoft Office

Job Requirements

  • High school diploma/GED required
  • Minimum 3 Years as a Maintenance Technician 
  • Physically capable of lifting up to 100 pounds unassisted
  • Experienced in operating a variety of equipment, including circular saw, drill, jig saw, electrical tester, hand tools, power tools, cordless tools, scissor lifts, boom lifts
  • Valid Drivers License and must have a good driving record
  • Effective written and oral communication skills needed
  • Able to use a smart phone
  • Basic computer skills needed
  • Must have good driving record

Equal Opportunity Employer